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Most people that know me also know that I believe that the state exists to protect the people under its control. That is why I haven't yet mentioned government intervention in this smoking series; I want the government to essentially, make smoking illegal. But knowing that that isn't feasible, what the government should do is raise taxes on smokes and make it illegal to smoke in any(!) public place. I can't drink beer on a sidewalk so why should one be able to smoke there?

Currently, it is illegal to kill yourself, or even fail at killing yourself. Smoking is lethal - it can kill you! If someone tries to end their life by cyanide consumption, they are charged; however, if someone takes in cyanide slowly (through smoking) we permit it. As a society we have failed to show that we value life, or, at least the life of a smoker. Are smokers then second-class citizens?
What businesses have to do with smoking:

Large corporations generally have health plans for their workers and I don't see it as a practical thing to make it easy for smokers to smoke. The thing I don't get is that companies, which worship the gods of efficiency, allow an inefficient killer drain their insurance plan resources. It is also very inefficient to permit smoking employees to take an extra pause during the day, we can't forget about added sick days.

Of course the government is the best at banning smoking but companies can ban smoking on their property. This is clearly a loose argument, but a point that needs to be acknowledged nonetheless.

Restaurants also seem to tacitly allow their servers to take "smoke breaks" above and beyond regular breaks. This is counter-prodctive since it puts more work unfairly unto the other servers. It also encourages non-smokers to smoke.

Obviously the smoking industry has it's faults. Right now I'm sure they are very blatant, so you can use google to look into the tobacco industry more.
I will post a conclusion later. The reason that last few posts have been off-schedule is because I'm in New York City. So instead of writing about people killing themselves slowly I'm going to go out and enjoy like.

Stay tuned for a random post about NYC.